Peeking into the looking glass

I grew up completely obsessed with fairytales. I would sit and spend endless hours watching stories like Thumbelina, Cinderella and Snow White. Although the characters all faced hardships, each overcame their problem to embark on a wonderful new adventure. I love a happy ending! Each character had to maintain their grace and beauty while they endured the unimaginable at the hands of others. There were moments where each character wanted to sulk and be discouraged about their circumstance but they seemed to never let bitterness overtake them. I loved how the fairy god-mother or an animal would step in to remind them at those times who they truly were. When I was a little girl, my dad would call me on his lunch break to pretend I was an African princess from Zimbabwe named Aisha and he was my humble servant Gozebewah. I would say, “no daddy it’s me, your Aisha” and he would say, “no you are a royal princess and I am your servant waiting to hear your request”. He would call me every day to go over the same skit. Some days I didn’t feel like playing princess and grew tireless of the calls. Other days I would sit in anticipation for those little reminders. Looking back, I see what he was trying to teach me. He showed me that regardless of the issues I may have to face and the hardships that were sure to come my way, I was to never forget I am a royal princess and beloved. I should never lose sight of who I am. Once you don’t recognize your worth, bitterness and darkness sets in. Despite all of the trials and tribulations we all have to endure in this fallen world, we are to never forget how special we are to our Heavenly Father. We must never forget who we belong to. This world is difficult and can be hard to bear at times but we are children of the King. We can’t allow the cares of this world or our own issues to supersede what God is trying to do in our lives. Always remember who you are and who you belong too. There have been times in my life I didn’t recognize my worth but God would use something to get me back on the right track. He prunes us like silver. He makes us beautiful to shine in His reflection and for His glory’s sake. Whatever you may be faced with today, realize that your creator made you beautiful and in His image and will give you what you need to overcome all things. Be blessed.


Until then…

A year ago, I wrote down several characteristics that I would want my future mate to possess. The list stemmed from a study that we did as a group in one of my life groups at church. It wasn’t a superficial list but stated a few essentials that I read in the Word. I wanted to be intentionally praying for the man I would one day marry. I wanted to pray that the Lord guides his steps even before our fateful encounter. I wanted to pray that he remains a man of character with a heart that would lead him to repentance when he does err (like we all do).  By no account do I think that this man will be perfect but I hope that he is sincere and genuine. I hope he has a thirst to know the Word of God and to be the leader that God called him to be. I hope that he will be intentional in leading his family in the way of God.

However, as I sit and wait for the Lord, the journey can get rough. I often meet men who have the appearance of godliness but deny the power there of. I meet men that can be misleading, with impure motives and agendas. I meet men that can’t lead me to the corner store let alone in the truth of God’s Word. Before you say I am man bashing I want to also say that I know many more men who love their wives, children, family and community. I know men who rise early to pray and seek the counsel of the Lord. I know men who correct their family in love and provide an example of a priest in their home. I know men who are devoted not only to their families but to the single mothers in their community by helping them with their children’s needs when the father is not around. I know men who play the role of the father to girls who may have never had that experience growing up. I know men who work hard to provide and ensure their family has a future. I know men who are working hard to leave a legacy of godliness behind.

Therefore, I won’t get discourage in this journey when Satan presents his counterfeits. I am not surprised when I get random proposals from men telling me that I am their wife. All I have to do is line them up with the many examples I see in God’s Word and in my community. Even when I feel that the man I so delicately pray for has walked off the letter I wrote a year and embodies all the characteristics that I hope for, I cannot get dismayed when his walk doesn’t line up with his talk. I recently met someone that possesses everything that I always wanted BUT the right thing at the wrong time is still the wrong thing. So I will continue to wait for that fateful encounter and I will trust God with my future. I know that no good thing will He withhold from me so I will trust Him. I will pray for men to have boldness to follow Christ. I will pray for my sisters who are single that we live a life pleasing to the Lord and don’t get caught up on what we think we don’t have.  We have so much already! Don’t stop believing and don’t lose hope. Don’t allow bitterness to set in your hearts. Do not allow your past to harden your heart but present your bodies as a living sacrifice to our Savior.  I will also pray for my married friends that they continue to support their husband’s leadership. For all things work together for those who love the Lord.  

God bless,


Are we confident in God’s ability to love us?









Matthew 7:11 If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father who is in heaven give what is good to those who ask Him!

I have a 6 year old son. At this age, the sun usually rises and sets to me for him. Even times I have to scold him, he will still look to me for to comfort and love. He goes out of his way to get my attention and admiration. Now I know you might be thinking… just wait until he is a pre-teen! Ha! I am already trying to prepare myself mentally for the change. Lol But as I was reflecting on how genuine his love is for me, I thought about how much God loves us. If we think about it carnally, it makes no sense for someone to love us when he have so many issues, flaws, shortcomings, unforgiving hearts, lustful desires and disobedient ways. However, God looks past our faults and still loves us in spite of us! It can be hard for us to understand the magnitude of God’s love because He has a pure heart. His goodness is beyond what we can comprehend. We sometimes feel so undeserving of this love because we know ourselves but we don’t know ourselves better than the one that created us! He gave His very best for us…His son Jesus so we can be in fellowship with Him. Now that is love. So instead of trying to figure out why you don’t deserve His love, just enjoy and bask in the knowledge that He loves us beyond what we could ever comprehend.

Romans 8: 38-39 For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.

Cat vs Dogs – The age old battle









I’ve always wondered why people associate cats with witches, black magic and superstition. Cats are small creatures that can’t do much damage to people or things. Why make such a fuss over a little, tiny thing? Well, I thought about some of the characteristics that cats possess that may cause people to look upon them unfavorably. Cats, for the most part are independent, lazy, whiny, unfriendly to most people (even their owners at times) and they like to cover up their own mess. That sounds like a lot like us at times! I thought about this in relation to God and how we interact with him. Are we sharing the same characteristics of a cat? Or are we more like a dog? Dogs are known to be totally dependent on their master. They run anxiously to their master when they sense his/her presence is near. Dogs wait for their master to provide all their needs. Dogs are loyal to their master and they even protect what belongs to their master. Are we dependent on our Father? Do we anxiously run to pray or worship our Master? Do we believe He provides all of our needs? Do we protect what belongs to Him – His Word with our life? I see why most people love dogs instead of cats. God waits for us to respond as we long for our dog to respond to us. We don’t have to behave like a cat as if we are the sole provider of our needs. Lets worship our Father in the same manner we would want our darling puppy to love us. Sincerely, a dog lover… J

Weeping may endure for a night…







Last night was pretty rough. It was one of those nights when things start off great but took a turn for the worse. Not worse as in losing a love one or being physically ill but worse meaning I had to come to terms that something I may want really badly may not happen the way I hoped. It was one of those nights when you realize something you hoped and dreamed for may not be your reality. One of those nights when you realize this may not be the right path for you. Well I have been in this Christian walk long enough to know that God is a promise keeper. There has never been a need I had that God has not fulfilled. So although there is pain in knowing what I want may not come into fruition…there is joy in knowing that God has a better plan for me. One I don’t know of yet I am trusting is far superior than my own.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

Revealing Power









Recently, I made the decision to go on a fast. I had only done 24hr fasts before so when I embarked on an extended one I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I did know is that everything in my body was screaming to feel a closer walk with Jesus. I was yearning for Him. I felt like the woman with the issue of blood. I needed to press my way towards my Savior. Honestly, I didn’t know exactly what I needed to be healed from but I know I needed a healing. The fast has proved to me one of the revealing periods of my life. Now I felt like the woman at the well, all exposed, no shame uncovered. He knew me beyond my church attendance and my reading His Word. I consecrated time for Him and in turn He kicked down walls I was trying hard to keep up. I had been perfectly covering up the holes in my life with drywall. Not to fool anyone but to avoid dealing with past hurts I had experienced. Things I had gone through and still going through from broken family relationships. Things I have worked hard to pretend didn’t exist so my son can stay a resident in Happytown, USA. I have worked so hard to protect my son that I forgot to address these issues. The truth of the matter is there is pain there. With these issues coming to the surface in a real way God is telling me to give these burdens to Him. I can’t carry them but I can rest in the peace and safety only my God can provide. His Word is so revealing and healing. The scab has been removed, the sore is able to breathe and the healing is just beginning.


Signs you are a lazy blogger







Hmm…so I have been a horrible blogger as of late. I have received many inspirations and words of encouragement that I intended on sharing over the last few weeks. The bottom line is I have been lazy, sick, and not to mention overwhelmed with work and parenting a 1st grader. I believe my son has received more homework in this first month of school than I did my entire tenure in high school!  I’m not complaining (well a maybe a little) because this is the reason I move to timbuktu, I wanted him in a great school district. Mission accomplished…all glory to God! I definitely couldn’t pull off living in the burbs as a single mom without my Heavenly Father pouring out His blessings on us. So…I say all that to say I will strive to do better as a blogger. Have a good day!

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